Cargo Flash Cargo Reservation System

A 360° Airfreight Software Solution – with a capability of building a strong technological backbone for end to end business processes involved in the supply chain management.

CFCRS is a tool that helps Airlines and Ground Handling Companies to manage each Logistics task, - from the initial booking of a shipment till final delivery. It is an end-to-end solution that integrates several key facets of Cargo Processing for Carriers, Ground Handling Companies, Cargo Agents and Manufacturers. These include airport to airport support, door-to-door support, space management, e-stock and manual stock management, report management and much more.

Key Features:-

There are many modules included in the CRM which can be optionally chosen for integration as a functional unit. The modules include:

General Feature List

  • Multiple Airline Support- The system is capable of supporting multiple airlines under the same Group umbrella on the same web portal. Each airline will function independent of the other, with their respective user groups.
  • Master Air waybill stock management at HO, station, GSA or Customer level.
  • Handles both pre-printed stocks and E-Stock.
  • Have full world-wide air waybill Stock Control Managed centrally with option to delegate to regions/stations.
  • Prints AWB with barcode.
  • Flight Manifests and Mail Manifests.
  • Master Air waybill and House Air waybill Labels
  • Charges Correction Advice (CCA)
  • Data exchange using industry standard protocols such as FTP, SITA and emails.
  • Ready to e-AWB and e-freight.
  • Shipment real time track and trace with maintenance of complete shipment history.
  • Ability to create newsflash and banners into the system.
  • Maintains IATA rules for acceptance, handling and carriage of special goods
  • Enable to set the parameters according to your business rules.
  • All the characteristics /parameters set are checked during reservation & loading and automatic warning is provided.
  • Cargo Loadibility Table automatically checks the loadibility of the cargo during reservation, cargo acceptance and in any other step.
  • Aircraft type information updated / deleted on the basis of aircraft type, door, hold no, load, etc.
  • Chat tool
  • Cargo Loyalty Program
  • Interline agreement support.
  • Announcement feature to provide information to all the customers at once.

Cargo Rating

The system supports dynamic pricing and enables the airline to control pricing according to varying business requirements and fluctuating market trends. The rates can be managed on per flight basis / O-D pair basis / commodity basis / product basis /specific time period basis / Forwarder or GSA basis, etc.

  • Publish special add-on TACT rates support according business rules.
  • Price Simulation: - A tool to determine the costs incurred on any flight/shipment vis-à-vis revenue earned.
  • ULD Rating as per IATA standard including Pivot Wt, Pivot rate, Over Pivot Wt, Over Pivot Rate, Min. Ch. Wt., Min. Cg. Wt. etc.
  • Rate can be increased (Premium) or decreased (discount) by percentage method.
  • Spot/Flash rate support and approval control.
  • Create Special Prorate Aggreements (SPAs).
  • GSA commission rate entry, display, list.
  • Capacity control of any origin or destination, real-time display of available capacity on the basis of date, date interval, flight or route, number of passengers.

Fleet Management and Utilization

The system is equipped with complete schedule management tool. The user can view and manage their scheduled fleet, ad-hoc fleet and the interline schedules.

  • Cargo schedule automatically updated or loaded from the main schedule system. (as per IATA SSIM manual).
  • Create, update, and/or delete additional/adhoc flights.
  • Schedules of airlines with SPA (Special Prorate Agreement).
  • Predefined block capacities is generated for the relevant date, flight and segment in the beginning of schedule opening.
  • Handle flight schedule disruptions affecting bookings or allotments e.g. - cancellations, aircraft changes, route changes etc. based on admin rules, i.e., all shipments to be put on queue or transferred to next flight based on revenue/FIFO rule.
  • Manage trucking schedules (RFS) for both self owned and partner trucking companies

Cargo Reservation

The Online Booking / Reservation engine has been designed keeping in mind the end users. The tool combines all detailing required doing an accurate cargo reservation and yet the simplicity to operate, makes it user friendly for the actual users. It is B2C ready and hence the shippers/forwarders can make the bookings directly and pay by credit card.

  • Support all reservation methods like FFR, WEB.
  • Reservations queue management.
  • Automatic control of the cargo dimensions and rotates availability.
  • Allotment capacity for selected schedule, allotment reservation made by selecting the allotment capacity or allotment identification number.
  • Leg based Revenue calculation.
  • Auto assignment of customer information.
  • ULD booking Screen support, Bulk Utilization booking base
  • ULD Class
  • Rate Class
  • Pivot Weight
  • Pivot Rate
  • Over Pivot Weight
  • Over Pivot Rate
  • Interline booking through Interline FFR.
  • System check the validity of the sender of interlines and after verification generate FFA.
  • B2C ready and hence the shippers/forwarders can make the bookings directly and pay by credit card.


Airline can manage allocation of space with agreed rates for any Customer, shipper, city or GSA, based on particular sector, flights or based on days. The Airline can also block spaces for specific customers, forwarders or GSA.

  • Allocations based on Agent/City/Flight /weight and volume, depending on the day of week.
  • Allocation Vis-à-vis Utilized report on Agent/ Flight/ Day wise.
  • Option of special rates for allocation.
  • Allotment weight and allotment volume displayed in the Cargo Report.
  • Once allotment is sold, allotment rate declared on the agreement is entered to the system.
  • Auto billing to the customer whether they do or do not utilize the reserved space for them.

Embargo & Warnings

Airline can levy embargo in the CFCS system based on various parameters, like Country, City, Commodity, Product, Forwarder specific, etc.

  • Embargo and warning data is defined in a reference table. Reflection and control in reservation module and other required modules provided.

Export Processes

The system support and capture the full shipment details for finalizing the flight, manifestation process and transmit/receive CIMP messages.

  • Cargo acceptance, automatic e-mail or sms can be sent to the agent with status of shipment and weight & volume details.
  • Storage Charges calculation.
  • Penalty clause to customers for booking cancellation.
  • Issuing of transfer manifest.
  • Unit load device (ULD) assignment is provided for booked shipments in accordance with pre manifest.
  • FBL (Flight Booking List) reports with ULD assignment of import and export shipments for every flight is generated and sent as message based on flight number to predefined station, and addresses in the following format.
    • IATA Standard Messages
    • E-mail
  • Pre manifest and Flight Manifest.
  • Single or multiple reservation change or transfer is available from one flight to another.
  • Standard messages based on Air waybill and flight is sent and reported according to message arrival status and contents on the basis of date, flight, origin/destination, message type.
  • Barcode handheld scanner is supported.
  • Auto NOTOC generation in accordance with IATA rules and standards for special cargo.

Import Processes

This module supports Flight arrival process to ULD break up, notifies consignee through various modes like, email, fax SMS etc., auto calculates the storage charges and generates electronic POD.

  • Flight arrival and Flight check at destination.
  • ULD breakdown and ULD list on flights is provided and reported/listed.
  • Discrepancy messages (CIMP) are sent to related stations/departments.
  • Unloading of cargo from flight – Manually and by Bar code.
  • Assign the cargo in defined Warehouse location.
  • Cargo Arrival Notice and Delivery Order Issued to the customer.
  • Storage charges calculated for each House Air waybills separately depending on delivery time.

Centralized Space Control

Shipments which are unconfirmed are automatically put in the queue, which can be reviewed and confirmed/re-planned by the space controller.

  • As per the set parameters for Single leg or multiple legs, all Shipment goes to space control screen for final confirmation.
  • Option to show total Capacity/Booked cargo/Available capacity in Grid as well as Chart Format.
  • Shipment status updated on Space Control Screen is captured at reservation screen.

Tracing Processes

Manage the tracing process of the shipment on station level as well as worldwide tracer

  • Discrepancy types and Tracing status are defined in a reference table.
  • Discrepancy messages for related shipment are attached to tracing records. Different users according to authorization level(s) can reach this information.

ULD Management

Manage ULD inventories with station wise details and real time tracking

  • ULD stock inventory
  • Real time ULD Movement display
  • ULD movement entry both - manually and by UCM messages.
  • ULD records of a flight are accessible for the destination station through UCM/OUT and CPM messages.

Mail Operations

The mail or courier bookings can be made in the system through a separate built-in module. Options to add postal codes, mail categories, CARDIT/RESDIT messaging etc. are available.

  • Postal status code support
  • Mail booking and tracing
  • Provide the ability to inquire and report on mail.
  • Postal Manifest provided in order to make declaration in accordance with local and/or international regulations.

Cargo Offices Accounting Processes

This is a critical tool in determining the financial exposure which the airline wishes to take with their customers. CFCS monitors the over-riding limit and sends alerts to customers as well as management, intimating the details.

  • Accounting process of issued AWBs is processed considering the payment methods.
  • System prepares a customer file for each Credited customer.
  • Define Credit Limit of each customer.
  • Block issuing AWB when the defined credit limit exceeds and warn the AWB issuing staff and the accounting staff who define the credit limit.
  • Defined credit limits and remained credit amounts is monitored and tracked according to customer number and/or Credit Code.
  • Prepares invoice for each credited customer’s shipments for selected period.
  • Automatically prepared invoices can be e-mailed by each local accounting office.
  • Detailed lists of the automatically prepared invoices.
  • The accounting system is able to handle the following invoice types:
    • Invoice for credit customers (domestic)
    • Invoice for credit customers (international)
    • Invoice for Interline sales.

CASS Processes

The Cargo accounting settlement module managing Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS) is designed to simplify the billing and settling of accounts between airlines and freight forwarder.

  • Display the CASS AWBs with AWB numbers.
  • CCA issued for related AWB, the system captures this change and apply at related fields at this CASS Control screen.
  • Spot or flash rate only for one AWB, system capture this rate and apply it at this control screen automatically.
  • Under or over payments can be settled through a special DCM screen.
  • CASS period of the DCM defined on DCM screen.
  • Print the AWBs, CCAs, and DCMs according to the CASS indicator for a certain CASS period.
  • Produce the CASS file according to the IATA CASS regulations record format.

Interline Cargo Invoicing Process

The Revenue Accounting module manages and calculates the net payable or receivable as per IATA RAM, along with billing invoices generated for payables and receivables.

  • The system detect the other carriers AWBs which are collected by other carriers (handling service will be done by OC in the destination point) and should transport them to interline module.
  • The system is capable of prorating Other Carrier’s AWBs, based on IATA released PMC (prorate manual -cargo), TACT (the air cargo tariff manual) regulations, rules and information automatically.
  • The Proration and Audit Screen.
  • The system is able to create invoices by Total amount of AWB, Carriers and USD currency after the ICH period closing.
  • The system is capable of generating IATA- RAM standard cargo billing, rejection and charge memo records.
  • Record SPA’s (Special Prorate Agreement) and apply them during the proration and audit session.
  • ADM (Airline Data Management) module.
  • Support proration of shipment with trucking segments.


CFCS is fully complied with transmission of CIMP messages

  • Receive / Transmit CIMP messages like FSU ,FFM, FAD, UCM etc.,
  • Airline Communication - Messages can be sent and received with the following methods from/to;
    • SITA addresses via a SITA Gateway
    • FTP addresses using FTP
    • E-mail addresses using SMTP
    • Support standard Cargo XML Messaging

Irregularity and Claim Management

This tool manages the shipment discrepancies and enables user to upload various documents like pictures, damage report, etc., for future reference.
Cargo Flash Cargo System has a built-in claim management and processing tool which enables an airline to open & close a case with the occurrence of any discrepancy.

  • Identifies and records the discrepancies at the point of occurrence.
  • Monitors the Irregularity closer process.
  • Manage Claim handling procedures.
  • Auto FAD message generation.
  • Users can add remarks and other details along with uploading of documents.
  • The system auto calculates the carrier’s liability, in preparation of any future claims.

Reporting Module

Create customized reports as per individual user requirement, whenever required.

  • Reservation management report, Interline shipment report, Flight based revenue report and many more.
  • Dashboards - A real time graphic representation of the reports with Comprehensive set of charting controls, featuring all major chart types, brilliant rendering, gauge controls, visual presentation of tabular data, featuring conditional row/cell formatting, embedding visualization controls and handling large data sets.
    • Management dashboard
    • Operations Dashboard
    • Sales Dashboard
    • Finance Dashboard
    • Space control Dashboard

And much more..