Cargo Flash Door to Door System (CFDTD)

Cargo Flash Door to Door System - Web based door to door solution starting from web booking to a high degree of information for schedules, multiple frequencies, pricing, track & trace and customer business/account information.

Key Features:-

There are many modules included in the CRM which can be optionally chosen for integration as a functional unit. The modules include:

General Feature List

  • System User Management helps you in creating and defining the Login, Login Type and User Permission.
  • Create and update customers and their contact and other details
  • Define Country and region of Operations,manage operations in various States and cities.
  • Product and commodity management.
  • Support Windows and Apple Mac Based browsers.
  • System send orders to drivers handheld and they can bid and accept the order based on distance to the location. Thus the dispatcher and drivers are always in a two-way communication through the system.
  • Ability to control access
  • Zip code and Locality management.
  • Waybill stock management.
  • ULD stock management.
  • ULD tag inventory management.
  • FOC code inventory management for internal parcel transfers, which is further linked with booking for FOC shipments.
  • Barcode label generation.
  • Print waybill.
  • Shipment real time track and trace with maintenance of complete shipment history.
  • Enable to set the parameters according to your business rules.
  • All the characteristics /parameters set are checked during reservation & loading and provide automatic warnings.

Vehicle Management

Manage the inventories of all your vehicles in the system along with tracking of spare part usage and service due dates. System also allows assigning drivers to each vehicle and tracks his expenses towards each vehicle.

  • Manage Vehicle Inventory.
  • Manage Vehicle spare part Inventory.
  • Monitors Vehicle service periods.
  • Assign driver to each vehicle and track the expanse for each vehicle.
  • Real time Vehicle movement tracking through GPS.

Route Navigation

The system is equipped with complete schedule and route management tool. The user can view and manage their self owned and franchise scheduled fleet (Flight & Vehicle), Ad-hoc fleet and create route accordingly.

  • Create, update, and/or delete schedule of flights and vehicle.
  • Create, update, and/or delete multiple routes and prioritize that.
  • View and edit daily schedule movement.
  • Auto selection of trucking schedules based on historical trends and other forecasting methods.

Roster Management

Complete details of each staff, like designation, department, duty area, etc.

  • Define shifts.
  • Self registration for overtime.
  • Manage weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly /annual roster.
  • Assign drivers to the schedule and the routes.

Tariff Management

Manage and define Product wise, slab wise. Rates. It helps you in defining you the Minimum Selling Rates (Product wise, Slab wise).

  • Create update product wise rate.
  • Create and define charges applicable between the O.D. pair.
  • Define the value of Exchange rates applicable in different Area of Business.
  • Pricing based on actual distance covered for delivery based on zip-to-zip distance travelled
  • identifying the actual cost being incurred on any shipment for an OD pair
  • Auto identification of applicable surcharges based on sector/weight etc.

Booking Management

The Online Booking engine has been designed keeping in mind the end users. The tool combines all detailing required to do an accurate parcel reservation. B2C ready and hence the shippers/forwarders can make the bookings directly and pay by credit card.

  • Multiple booking gateway.
  • Web booking
  • Phone booking
  • Credit booking
  • Route Optimization
  • Auto suggest the best route for a truck based on the shortest distance and pickups/deliveries on a particular route.
  • Re-routing

Operation Process

The system support and capture the full shipment details for finalizing the Load/Flight manifest. In scan process, security check in and check out at each SCD/MDC in/out.

  • Automatic e-mail or sms can be sent to the shipper with status of courier movement.
  • Area wise Pickup and Delivery manifest creation
  • Scheduling the driver on routes/schedule.
  • Piece level bar code scanning and data upload in the system.
  • Security check process at each SDC/MDC.
  • Creation of ULD manifest for each schedule.
  • Load Manifest according to preferred schedule/route.
  • Load Transfer from one truck to other.
  • Destuffing of ULDs at destination.
  • Offloading and rerouting of parcels/ULDs.
  • Taking the POD as signature directly on the handheld and update the system on a real time basis.
  • Real time monitoring of jobs assigned at various level on a calendar view by the supervisor/dispatcher. The jobs assigned can be changed or time can be changed with drag and drop.
  • Real time courier tracking.
  • Auto reports in case of short/excess received at destination.
  • System records and history of the routes will advise on the recurring routes or orders

Auto Location Generator

Automatic warehouse location for courier is generated in the system.

  • Auto generate warehouse location according to destinations, per piece size and weight along with recording the moment any location is vacated.
  • The system also calculates and prompts and best location for a new shipment.
  • Warehouse Optimizer can also work with multiple location warehouses.
  • Graphic viewing is also possible through ‘Dashboards’ on a real time basis.


The Accounting module manages and calculates the net payable or receivable along with billing invoices generated for payables and receivables.

  • Debit/Credit Invoicing
  • B2B/B2C Invoicing
  • Octroi information
  • Daily cash Register
  • Commissions Invoice payment
  • Daily cash Register
  • Tax Vouchers
  • Payment details


A real time graphic representation of the reports with Comprehensive set of charting controls, featuring all major chart types, brilliant rendering, gauge controls, visual presentation of tabular data, featuring conditional row/cell formatting, embedding visualization controls and handling large data sets.

  • Management dashboard
  • Operations Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Finance Dashboard
  • Space control Dashboard

And much more..