Go4RED.net is an exclusive website for Indian Importers & Exporters providing with all the comprehensive data and information related to Import-Export, Shipping Procedures etc. Innovative in approach, this site aims at bringing a new facet of service in India aiming at providing Real Time Express and Distribution Solutions and other Value Added services to its patrons.

To cater the need of the industry, Cargo Flash has come up with an exclusive B2C information portal. Go4RED is crafted for shippers which came into existence on 1st October 2012.

Go4RED is an information based portal for Shippers / Importers / Traders and Merchants providing relevant information related to Import-Export, Shipping Procedures, Customs & Excise information and exclusive information like Duty Drawback Rates, Harmonized Codes, Packing list, Baggage Declaration  & Invoices in editable formats which are essential and very useful for their business intelligence leading to success and growth. Go4RED aim is to provide a one stop-shop providing all the relevant information that is useful for Shippers / Importers / Traders and Merchants.