Cargo Flash GSA System (CFGSA)

Cargo Flash GSA System is a sophisticated and comprehensive system specifically designed for a General Sales Agency (GSA) business. It takes care of all the GSA data/ information and various reports right from database management, AWB stock management, and sales management to accounting processes like Cargo Sales Report, TDS, payments etc. The software also enables the user to keep a track of all the bookings, handover details and various other data at the click of a button.

Entire Cargo Flash GSA System has been designed keeping in mind the highest level of confidentiality. The data access is password secured and the access rights are limited to the role of the user. This user friendly software is not just time saving but also cost effective.

Key Features:-

Multiple Airline Support

The system is capable of supporting multiple airlines under the same Group umbrella on the same web portal. Each airline will function independent of the other, with their respective user groups.

Multiple currency support

The system supports multiple currencies and latest exchange rates can be downloaded.

Multiple products

The system is capable of managing pricing based on different product verticals. For e.g. the airline may choose to have products such as Airport to Airport, Express, etc. Each product can be rated through the same portal.

Customer Profile

The system manages the customer database for all future reference. For e.g., Company name, department, branch, contact, Customer type debit/credit, billing cycle, login id and password for web booking, tax details etc.

City management

The system supports city database and can also be uploaded through excel sheet.

Cargo Loyalty Program

Manage your marketing promotions through the system itself. The system can keep a tab on bonus points earned against each shipment, agent wise and customers can also redeem their points online.

Schedule management

The system is equipped with complete schedule management tool.

  • The user can view and manage multiple airlines scheduled.
  • Create, update, and/or delete additional/ad-hoc flights.

Air Waybill Stock Control

The system is equipped to handle multiple airline stocks inventory.

  • Master and Neutral Air waybill stock management.
  • Issue/return AWB stock to/from the agents.
  • Maintain the issuance/ return/ blacklisted AWB stock report.
  • Support Stock transfer from one to other agent.
  • Unused stock report
  • Draft a temple of Letter of unused stock temple and send via email to respective agents.
  • Track AWB real time status.
  • Airline wise  inventory report
  • Update and mark Void AWB.

Rate Management

The system supports dynamic pricing and enables to control pricing

  • Upload airline wise publish/special/add-on rates.
  • Upload agent rate.
  • Support Agent discount/deal.
  • Support other charges like FSC, SC, AWC, X-ray charges, Service Tax etc.
  • Spot/Flash rate support.
  • Generates pot sheets.
  • GSA commission rate entry display list.
  • Any time CSR generation.
  • Agent can view the CSR on shipment/fortnightly basis using their Login ids.
  • Debit/credit note issuance.
  • CSR history

Booking Process

Supports multiple airlines booking Information.

  • Add booking airline wise.
  • Booked cargo report
  • Support change of air waybill after booking.
  • Daily Booking sheet generation.
  • Booking transfer from one flight to other

Export Operation

System support the daily operation process stating from the handover to manifest.

  • Add handover shipment details
  • Create loading Instruction with priority assignment.
  • Create Pre manifest and Manifest.

Import Operation

This module is designed to handle the import shipment details and to manage the daily cash flow from DO generation.

  • Update Import shipment details.
  • Add daily cash details against the delivery order issued.
  • DO report generation.
  • Pending Delivery Order report
  • User can print the Delivery order receipt.
  • Generate Cash deposit report on daily/fortnightly/monthly basis.

Real Time shipment monitoring

This tool captures the various key stages of the shipment like Booked; Manifested; Shipment Arrived; etc. These key stages can be linked to auto triggers and can be sent as shipment status messages (in the form of e-mails or SMSs) to customers.

Credit control and Payment

System monitors the credit usage notifications to the concerned departments, and once the credit limit is over no acceptance of shipments. Once the Credit limit is exhausted system does allow further booking.

  • Once the credit limit is set for a customer, the CFWS system monitors the overriding limit and sends alerts to customers as well as management.
  • In case of credit limit being exceeded, the CFWS system does not allow shipment booking.
  • User can add the payment details and approvals.
  • Auto generated Payment reminder as per set parameters.
  • Auto generation of Agent wise payment receipt.
  • Pending payment details
  • CSR remittance details
  • Cheque deposit details


Specially designed for Salas persons to can add their online sales report, which can be further used to monitor their performance and generate online shipment query.

  • System enable to add the sales details like agent, cargo weight, volume, commodity, expected handover date, quoted rate, competitor airline and rates etc.
  • Generate airline wise/date wise/ AWB wise Sales report.

Reporting Module

Create customized reports as per individual user requirement, whenever required.

  • Report Builder – Create customized reports as per individual user requirement, whenever required. The data can be selected and filtered as per user need.
  • Revenue report, CSR report, Flight break up, Agent sales person report, Top 20 agent/destination/commodity, Agent break up reports, Performance appraisal ,Trucking Report  and many more.