Cargo Flash Warehouse Management System (CFWMS)

Cargo Flash warehouse system is an advanced and innovative system fully equipped to cater to Cargo terminal Operators and all the stakeholders (forwarders, Airlines) under one platform. Web portal based system is seamlessly able to handle all the aspects of warehouse functions like, inventory management, roster management, vehicle management, ULD management, SLA management, manage irregularities, mail handling to name a few; apart from handling Cargo IMP messages, real time across the board reports, dashboards, Credit control, etc.

The solution is designed with the objective of being scalable, flexible, transparent, reliable and streamlines the business processes for revenue growth by using the latest technology.

Key Features:-

  • Completely web based application, no installation required.
  • Data absolutely sound and secure.
  • Integration with ETV, weighing scale etc.
  • Manage individual airline's SLA
  • Comprehensive and extremely detailed reports with report builder. EDI through SITA, XML or email.

Truck Dock and Queue Management

With an inbuilt interactive bay panel, the agents can request for a specific time dock for truck unloading

  • Manage dock time for loading and unloading of truck.
  • Allot bay panel
  • Queue Management
  • Hassel free truck unloading/loading process.


All airlines schedule handled can be uploaded in the system.

  • Cargo schedule automatically updated or loaded from the main schedule system. (as per IATA SSIM manual). 
  • Create, update, and/or delete additional/ad-hoc flights.
  • Integration with other internal Schedule Display system.

Integrated Cameras for Added Security

System has the option of camera integration and at the time of acceptance, snapshots from multiple angels can be taken and saved along with the AWB details.

  • Upload images of the damage boxes/ULDs
  • Facilitate to take and upload image of the person taking the shipment delivery for future reference.

Vehicle Management

Manage the inventories of all your vehicles in the system along with tracking of spare part usage and service due dates. System also allows assigning drivers to each vehicle and tracks his expenses towards each vehicle.

  • Manage Vehicle Inventory.
  • Manage Vehicle spare part Inventory.
  • Monitors Vehicle service periods.
  • Assign driver to each vehicle and track the expense for each vehicle.
  • Real time Vehicle movement tracking through GPS.

Inventory Management

Manage the inventory of each and every consumable used at the warehouse and track the same, along with option of collection of charges for billable consumables.

  • Manage consumables inventory.
  • Manage cost of each consumable.
  • Assign consumables to each flight/airline/staff/groups.
  • Auto billing to customers (Airline/forwarders).
  • Manage real time consumables stock control.

Roster Management

Complete details of each staff like designation, department, duty area etc. Skill sets of each staff can be assigned in the system, which would help the supervisor in assigning job functions in the rosters.

  • Define shifts.
  • Define overtime.
  • Manage weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly /annual roster
  • Define groups according to the shifts.
  • Assign manpower /group to flights for both Inbound and Outbound.

Built-in Checklists

Ready for Carriage and other IATA checklists, including generation of NOTOC.

  • Inbuilt check list for special cargo like AVI, DG, HUM etc.
  • Ready for carriage check list.

Piece Level Acceptance by Handheld Device

Piece level acceptance can be done through handheld device thus ruling out any discrepancy.

  • Support both 1D and 2D scanner.
  • Piece Level acceptance, loading and unloading can be done.
  • Generate Piece wise barcode label.

Terminal Charges and Airline Invoicing

Terminal, delivery and other Charges acceptance, by cash, cheque, pre-paid accounts or credit card.

  • Auto storage charge calculation based on your regulations.
  • Support Terminal charges and other acceptance charge database.
  • Auto billing to the customer (Forwarders/Airlines) as per set business rules.
  • Master database for DO charges.
  • Airline SLA support
  • Auto generation of payment receipt.
  • Auto invoicing for credit customers.
  • Support multiple payment option
    • Cash
    • Credit
    • Cheque
    • Cash/Cheque
    • Credit card
  • Generate Airline Invoicing as per SLA.

Real time Credit Control

System monitors the credit usage and at a set percentage (e.g. 90% used) will send notifications to the concerned departments, and once the credit limit is over, no acceptance of shipments.

  • Determine the financial exposure.
  • Once the credit limit is set for a customer, the CFWS system monitors the over-riding limit and sends alerts to customers as well as management.
  • In case of credit limit being exceeded, the CFWS system does not allow shipment acceptance.

Auto Location Generator (Import/Export)

Automatic warehouse location of cargo is generated in the system.

  • Auto-generate warehouse location along with recording the moment any location is vacated.
  • Auto-generate warehouse location slip.
  • CFWS brings the location wise details for each shipment and assigns them as per Airlines, destinations, per piece size and weight.
  • The system also calculates and prompts and best location for a new shipment.
  • Warehouse Optimizer can also work with multiple location warehouses.
  • Graphic viewing is also possible through ‘Dashboards’ on a real time basis.

Acceptance of FBL messages from Airlines

Airlines can update the expected cargo in the warehouse by sending FBL messages and system would segregate the same for individual airlines.

  • Booking Information through FBL.
  • Acceptance of cargo as per Airline FBL information.
  • Faster Communication with Airline through messaging.

Export Process

The system supports and captures the full shipment details form acceptance of cargo as per FBL to finalizing the flight, manifestation process and transmit/receive CIMP messages.

  • Acceptance of cargo as per Booking Information through FBL.
  • Automatic e-mail or sms can be sent to the agent with status of shipment and weight & volume details.
  • Auto FSU generation.
  • Document check.
  • Auto check list for special cargo.
  • Auto/manual Weight checks.
  • Integrating with weighing machine.
  • Piece level acceptance through barcode.
  • Auto generation of acceptance receipt.
  • Separate module for Mail and Courier acceptance.
  • Mail booking and tracing
  • Support piece level screening process.
  • Online loading instruction by airline.
  • Storage Charges calculation.
  • Unit load device (ULD) assignment is provided for booked shipments in accordance with pre manifest.
  • Pre manifest and Flight Manifest.
  • Postal Manifest provided in order to make declaration in accordance with local and/or international regulations.
  • Single or multiple reservation change or transfer is available from one flight to another.
  • Standard messages based on Air waybill and flight is sent and reported according to message arrival status and contents on the basis of date, flight, origin/destination, message type.
  • Barcode handheld scanner is supported.
  • Generate ULD tag with ETV weight
  • Auto NOTOC generation in accordance with IATA rules and standards for special cargo.

Import Processes

This module supports flight arrival process to ULD break up, notifies consignee through various modes like email, fax SMS etc., auto calculates the storage charges and generates electronic POD.

  • Flight arrival and Flight check.
  • ULD breakdown and ULD list on flights is provided and reported/listed.
  • Issuing of transfer manifest.
  • Unloading of cargo from flight – Manually and by Bar code.
  • Identifies and records the discrepancies at the point of occurrence.
  • Users can add remarks and other details along with uploading of documents.
  • Auto/manual warehouse location assignment.
  • Cargo Arrival Notice and Delivery Order Issuance to the customer. System has the option of sending the cargo arrival notice through multiple channels like Email, SMS etc.
  • Storage charges calculated for each air waybill /house air waybills separately depending on delivery time.
  • Issuance of picking list.
  • Auto DO generation.
  • Capture details of consignee like Id proof/image through inbuilt camera.
  • Monitors the Irregularity closer process.
  • Discrepancy messages (CIMP) are sent to related stations/departments.

Irregularity and Tracing Processes

Manage the irregularity generation/ closure procedure and tracing process of the shipment on station level as well as worldwide tracer.

  • Identifies and records the discrepancies at the point of occurrence.
  • Monitors the Irregularity closer process.
  • Discrepancy types and Tracing status are defined in a reference table.
  • Discrepancy messages for related shipment are attached to tracing records. Different users according to authorization level(s) can reach this information.
  • Users can add remarks and other details along with uploading of documents like pictures, damage report, etc., for future reference.
  • Auto FAD messages.

ULD Management

Manage ULD inventories with station wise details and real time tracking

  • ULD stock inventory through SCM.
  • Real time ULD Movement display.
  • ULD movement entry both - manually and by UCM messages.
  • ULD records of a flight are accessible for the destination station through UCM/OUT and CPM messages.
  • Auto transmit SCM message to airline as per SLA.

ETV Interface

Viewing the ETV right on your system screen.

  • Know which location holds which ULD and what all shipments have been loaded on that ULD.
  • Graphic viewing is also possible through ‘Dashboards’ on a real time basis.

ETV vs. System weight

System checks for any discrepancy between the system weight and the ETV weight.

  • Auto-generate weight variance report.
  • Prompt the variance found more than the acceptance level and restrict the next process in system until over-ruled by authorization.

EDI Messages Handling

CFWS is fully complied with transmission of CIMP messages

  • Receive / Transmit FSU/FFM/UCM/SCM/FAD etc.
  • Communication Method- Messages can be sent and received with the following methods from/to; 
    • SITA addresses via a SITA Gateway
    • FTP addresses using FTP
    • E-mail addresses using SMTP

Integrated CCTV

The ability to view the actual warehouse movements through real time IP CCTV Cameras along with option of having the videos recorded on DVDs (separate hardware). Management can also get the video feeds on handheld phones at a real time basis.

Dashboard Real-Time view of the Warehouse

A very unique tool which will give a real time graphic representation of your warehouse, and user can see which all locations are empty and where cargo is lying. Upon clicking any location, the details of shipments lying there can also the generated,and many more reporting modules.