Next Generation Cargo Systems
nGen RES

Our solution seamlessly integrates clients business and organizational strategies with IT implementations, thus helping them to improve their financial performance and operational efficiency.

We cater to complete cargo lifecycle, from reservations to operations until Revenue Accounting, solution also has features like truck door management, revenue management and Business intelligence.

nGen RES -Cargo Sales and Reservation Management System

nGen RES is a tool that helps Airlines to manage each Logistics task, from the initial booking of a shipment till final delivery. It is an end-to-end solution that integrates several key facets of Cargo Processing for Carriers, Ground Handling Companies, Cargo Agents and Manufacturers. These include airport to airport support, door-to-door support, space management, e-stock and manual stock management, report management and much more.

  • Customer Management
  • Advanced Booking Engine with B2C and B2B models
  • Embargo, Dimension, weight, country restrictions for bookings
  • Hard and Soft Allotments Control
  • Flight and Trucking Schedules
  • e-AWB, e-Freight, e-CSD, CIMP and C-XML
  • Irregularity and claim handling
  • Centralized Space Control
  • Mobile apps for bookings and tracking
  • Define sales budgets and mapping of budgets in real time