Next Generation Cargo Systems
nGen CRA

Our solution seamlessly integrates clients business and organizational strategies with IT implementations, thus helping them to improve their financial performance and operational efficiency.

We cater to complete cargo lifecycle, from reservations to operations until Revenue Accounting, solution also has features like truck door management, revenue management and Business intelligence.

nGen CRA- Revenue Accounting

nGen CRA implements and allows to control all the functions regarding pricing, invoicing, faster data validation, AWB completion. The objective of the software is to ensure fast, smooth and seamless execution process.

CRA covers complete scope of Cargo Revenue accounting, consistently updated to the latest industry standards.

  • Faster data validation, AWB completion, Pricing and invoicing
  • AWB audit maintained right from loading to invoicing
  • Complete integrated AWB Stock control
  • Comprehensive AWB maintenance
  • Complete tax management
  • Various rates viz. TACT, Market and special rates can be defined
  • FDA and User defined currency exchange
  • Auto-Proration, Proviso, SPAs, Complete MPA-C rules incorporated
  • Export CASS/Non-CASS billing
  • Generation of CCA and Memos
  • Spot/Adhoc rate request and approval
  • Calculate commission and incentives
  • Accepting and generation of IDEC file, IATA SIS compliant
  • Complete rejection management
  • Complete configuration of accounting postings along with cost and profit centres