About the nGen D2D
E-Commerce System

A complete solution to manage your E-Commerce operations, Cargoflash’s web-based system nGen E-Commerce Express System makes sure you handle the entire operation with excellence. From e-booking to analyzing massively complex data & information, to the ultimate step of customer service and satisfaction, this robust tool helps make every pit stop along the way to delivery as efficient as possible. By managing schedules, tracking multiple frequencies, overseeing pricing and customer information, the E-Commerce System helps you set a higher standard for your E-Commerce operations.

Manage Express Deliveries

Allows airlines to operate B2C express door pickup/deliveries.

Warehouse Management

Managing vehicles, hubs and branch warehouses.

Handle Vendors

Facilitates complete vendor management with contracts.

Define Custom Rates

Rates based on locations, cargo size with Value-Added Services (VAS).

Integrated CRM System

Comes with an integrated call center panel, CRM and Ticket System.

How Our nGen D2D helps in industry

E-Commerce System helps freight carriers and airlines with the management of their vehicle’s assignment, along with mapping the right hubs and warehouses for total accuracy. This handy tool lets airlines delve into the territory of B2C deliveries, exploring new streams of revenue.

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