About the nGen DMS
Slot & Door Management System

nGen Slot & Door Management System is an intelligent tool that delegates all the truck operations at the warehouse right from allotting a warehouse door with pre-defined conditions, to assigning doors for specific agents or even airlines. This versatile software also enables special handling of cargo, managing export, import, and RFS.

Door Management

Assign warehouse doors with rules to specific agent/airline, SHC, Export, Import, RFS.

Define Loading Time

Defines a throughput rule for ascertaining loading/unloading time.

Automated Assignment

Applies the algorithm to ascertain the availability and priority for a truck and assign the right door.

Dock Management

Enables dock management & slot monitoring with an optimization engine

Online Request Portal

Comes with an online portal to request truck slots.

How Our nGen DMS helps in industry

The Slot & Door Management System lets GHAs request trucks via its online portal and save themselves the hassle of running after agencies manually for slots. This tool helps forwarders manage truck operations with ease and without losses.

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