About Cargoflash

Cargoflash comes with one-stop, real-time, new-age technology and business solutions, hosted in the cloud, for the entire gamut of the Air Cargo business while also providing transparency, timeliness and simplicity of Air Cargo processing.

Cargoflash provides an intelligent, intuitive, and end-to-end platform that puts efficiency as a key priority for Air Cargo logistics, globally. 

Exclusively serving the Aviation Cargo Shipping Industries, Cargoflash is a leading technology and business solutions, provider. It seamlessly integrates the client’s business with its state-of-the-art technology software and solutions, helping them to enhance their operational efficiency while maximizing their revenue. With offices in Delhi and Mumbai, Cargoflash boasts a team of nearly 120 experts to help the industry of Air Cargo run smooth like a well-oiled machine. 

In today’s highly competitive market, Cargoflash is successfully digitalizing Air Cargo Management since 2009. The organization provides intelligent, intuitive, and end-to-end solutions for this sector and serves innovative business intelligence with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). 

about cargoflash

We make the Air Cargo logistics digital, simple, smart and affordable by reducing the cost of total ownership and maintenance.

With a thoughtful ensemble of seamless, scalable, and secured solutions for the Air Cargo sector, Cargoflash aims to touch every aspect of this industry’s logistics and management proving that sky is truly the limit! 

Our Mission

We aim to transform the Air Cargo Industry by elevating operational efficiency and facilitating innovation and digitalisation. We are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art technological services to our clients by establishing a connected ecosystem with seamless integration.

Our Vision

We are committed to fostering extensive opportunities for our clients, enabling them to expand their global presence and optimise distribution channels among industry stakeholders. Our dedication lies in providing innovative solutions and platforms that cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships.

Why Believe in Cargoflash



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Cargoflash ensures that its products are aligned to the vision and direction of the industry governing bodies, delivering new and cost-effective ideas on processes. Our extensive web-based system is technically advanced and hosted on a fast and secured cloud.


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The system has eliminated duplicate effort by the user, it has the necessary checks and balances which ensure that there are no revenue leakages. The nGen is an integrated system, with all modules seamlessly working within the system application.


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The system provides an extremely user-friendly GUI, with universal, easy-to-understand functionalities. The system has well-defined prompts and tips for corrective actions, also ensuring easy system migration with minimalistic system training required.



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With the latest mobile application and HTTs, one may stay connected and always ahead with detailed information surrounding the industry. The comprehensive business intelligence instilled in the App makes sure that the consumers get the power of real-time business control on the move.

Our Commitment

With a promise of a smart, simple and intuitive system accompanied by quick implementation, the dedicated team of Cargoflash diligently functions at a global level, with the utmost commitment of nothing but the best for its partners!

Along with constant improvements and innovations, quality is embedded within the core of Cargoflash. With a certification of CMMI Level 3 for quality, the company focuses on adherence to quality for creating solutions that overcome all the expectations while also scaling business operations to newer levels.

In the world of digitisation, where every information is out on the global diaspora, Cargoflash ensures a secure cloud infrastructure for protecting its client’s data. The company maintains appropriate safeguards and exercises due diligence to protect personal data and the infrastructure against unauthorized access. ‘Credibility’ is a major element that Cargoflash adheres to for every process and solution to ensure that the data sanctity is maintained.

With accuracy, we also aim to achieve zero-defect for Cargoflash. We offer updated analytics and real-time pricing. The company ensures a better experience that all our clients are looking for. With automated and innovative systems, Cargoflash ensures that no errors like work duplication or financial leakages are surfaced.

Cargoflash has recognized the aspect of simplicity as a key component for staying ahead in the crowd of competitors. The company promises the ‘right’ domain for the ‘right’ service in one go, providing smart and hassle-free processes. Cargoflash provides customised domain services according to the requirements of its clients.

Having the strength to co-exist with the new-age, digital world, Cargoflash ensures a sustainable process of its systems and solution alongside a strong relationship with all its clients and affiliates.

The nGen Suite is a state-of-the-art system hosted on global cloud platforms of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which makes the system hosting highly flexible and scalable. Azure allows on-demand horizontal and vertical up-scaling and, ensures that during the non-peak hours, the system is scaled down to keep the costs optimised.

Cargoflash follows a unique proprietary hybrid development methodology, which uses the best practices from Agile and Waterfall practices, allowing fast and bespoke customisations. We promise to continuously grow and move ahead with our partners and clients, hand-in-hand.

Cargoflash aims to speed up with the fast-paced and ever-changing technology and consistently deliver the latest solutions to the Air Cargo industry with the ultimate aim of achieving a truly paperless and digital Air Cargo ecosystem.

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Our Team

mr. pukhraj singh chug

Mr. Pukhraj Singh Chug

Chairman & Managing Director

A true leader and visionary, Pukhraj Singh Chug has vast experience of over 35 years in the fields of Aviation, Logistics & Freight. He owns a broad sphere Read More...

mr. jasraj singh chug

Mr. Jasraj Singh Chug

Co-Founder & Director

Progressing the company with a pragmatic approach, Mr. Jasraj Singh Chug has been leading Cargoflash Infotech, as the Co-Founder and Director Read More...

mr. dharminder singh

Mr. Dharminder Singh

Chief Technical Officer

Dharminder Singh has done his Masters in Computers and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He has been with the Company since 1998 and is Read More...

mr gautam mandal

Mr Gautam Mandal

Director – Products

Having over a decade’s experience as the Cargo Manager with various Airlines, Gautam Mandal has completed his Masters in Travel & Tourism Read More...

saurabh pathak

Saurabh Pathak

Director - Delivery

Saurabh Pathak has an overall operational experience of 23 years, including 18 years of Air Cargo Operations Experience, three years of experience Read More...

What Have We Achieved?

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air asia

Air Asia


lion air

Lion Air




red express

Red Express


malindo air

Malindo Air





sharjah aviation services

Sharjah Aviation Services


garuda indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

go express

Go Express


raya airways

Raya Airways

go air

Go Air


nepal airlines

Nepal Airlines

air bridge cargo

Air Bridge Cargo

philippine airlines

Philippine Airlines


island aviation service limited

Island Aviation Service Limited

kenya airlines

Kenya Airlines






royal jordanian

Royal Jordanian


pelita air service

Pelita Air Service

safari express cargo

Safari Express Cargo


rwand air

Rwand Air

Technology Transformation

Over the last decade, Cargoflash has made it a point to keep up with the ever-evolving Global Technical Trends & Digital Transformation.

Cargoflash took an initiative to design a web-based multi-modal reliable handling system to cater to E-Commerce market demands


Version 1.0 of DTD E-Commerce Handling Solution was implemented for Red Express


Version 2.0 of DTD E-Commerce Handling Solution successfully implemented for Lion Air


Version 2.0 of DTD E-Commerce Handling Solution successfully implemented for Go Express


Helped the clients outsource & convert the entire network to self-run Warehousing Model


Implementing Version 3.0 of DTD E-Commerce Handling Solutions for AirBridge Cargo


Launch of Octogo, a multi-faceted and modular platform with easy integration of cloud-based solutions


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Life at Cargoflash

“It has been almost 14 years of my career; I started my journey in 2007. My journey from Customer Service Executive to Cargo Sales then to IT system pre-sales was full of challenges. Climbing the corporate ladder was indeed difficult, but the confidence shown by my seniors & management by giving me diverse roles helped me to challenge my limits, experience and my knowledge and that has led me to become the person who I am today. 

The best part of our organisation is the diversity in the workforce. Women have an inbuilt ability to negotiate and effectively work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders and can add immense value through their unique skill set. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of any women’s life, but sometimes, we feel pregnancy will affect our professional life and slow our progress. Even I felt the same for a while, but ultimately it is all about your attitude and continuous focus and nothing can stop you from being professionally successful. 

So, stay focused, dare to accept challenges, think big and nobody can stop you to grow.”

Neha Kumari
Head - Pre Sales

neha kumari
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Life at Cargoflash

“I am about to touch the 10th year of my service with Cargoflash, and it feels amazing! 

I feel valued, supported, and mentored to grow up in this organization. I never felt that working at CF is just a job, but I am in love with my work here. Being a working mother, the company understood my responsibilities towards my family and gave me the flexibility, which I wanted to create for myself, a perfect balance between my work and personal life. Amazed to know how time has gone by and I see myself growing professionally every year with correct mentorship and guidance from my leaders. Thank you, Cargoflash, and thanks to our exceptional leaders Mr Jasraj Chug and Mr Pukhraj Chug.”

Shilpi Mahajan
Senior Business Analyst

shilpi mahajan
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Life at Cargoflash

“From an Operation Research Analyst to Associate Team Lead, Cargoflash has given me a great opportunity to start my career with a strong leadership role. At Cargoflash, I got ample chances to evolve myself, personally and professionally, for aspects of teamwork, professionalism, and leadership. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great seniors and co-workers who are generous and forever ready to share their knowledge with me. Most importantly, I am glad that the company is imparting so much trust in the young minds. ”

Rohan Kumar
Associate Team Lead

rohan kumar
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The Cargoflash

Other than providing the best possible customer experience and quality products, we also encourage a cheerful, cohesive and inspiring work culture that our teams can’t stop talking about!

We aim to further strengthen our company’s foundation by valuing our people’s effort and knowledge. Our visions are employee-centric, generating a win-win situation for the employer-employee relationship in Cargoflash.

Values & Ethics

respect and fairness

Respect and fairness

trust and integrity

Trust and integrity

growing mind-set

Growing mind-set

teamwork and pro-active support

Teamwork and pro-active support

employee engagement and opportunities for advancement

Employee engagement and opportunities for advancement

communication and transparency

Communication and transparency





impact on the world

Impact on the world

Cargoflash is a company, which has moulded its culture to let its employees add innovation, share knowledge, and a little fun in every task they take up. We have fostered a culture in our workplace, which stands on a strong pillar of values. People here assimilate themselves into a transparent, open and motivating culture of “Sharing, Learning, Expressing and Growing”. We dream big and encourage our employees to do the same so that one day they turn this company into the next big thing.

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Trusting + Rewarding + Respectful + Nurturing + Connected = Work Culture At Cargoflash

We focus on transparency and encourage suggestions and feedback from our team to get the best out of everyone. Cargoflash is proud to celebrate its unity in diversity, giving a chance to talent from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Excursions are instrumental to relax, rejuvenate and also to strengthen bonds and build friendships. Keeping this in mind, Cargoflash frequently organises excursions and trips for the team to take a break and come back with fresh energy and enthusiasm.


Our people are our biggest assets and thus, we ensure that fun is always followed by work. Cargoflash constantly establishes new visions and ideas to bring out a fun-filled work culture in its offices.

The company religiously follows the calendar of celebrations and leaves no opportunity to put a pause on the systematic work routine and strongly unite the teams together. From International Women’s Day to Diwali, a party is a priority at Cargoflash!

the company religiously follows the calendar of celebrations and leaves no opportunity to put a pause on the systematic work routine and strongly unite the teams together. from international women’s day to diwali, a party is a priority at cargoflash!

Day Trips and outings are a must, not only to relax and rejuvenate but also to reinforce bonds or even, build friendships. Keeping this in mind, Cargoflash frequently organizes excursions and trips to bring out the revitalised spirit in every employee.

day trips and outings are a must, not only to relax and rejuvenate but also to reinforce bonds or even, build friendships. keeping this in mind, cargoflash frequently organizes excursions and trips to bring out the revitalised spirit in every employee.

Our core strength is our female co-workers who are effortlessly balancing both their home fronts and work. We give utmost importance to their safety, mental and physical health alongside the agreement for flexible work timings and working from home when required. 

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