Ground Handling Agents

Major airlines around the globe function like well-oiled machine thanks to the Ground Handling Agents (GHAs), also known as ground handling crew. GHAs load and unload cargo to & from the aircraft, as well as execute multiple operational tasks to help aircraft prepare for flight. This hard-working crew handle tasks such as cargo handling, baggage management, towing aircraft, refuelling aircraft marshalling and parking. GHAs are very critical cogs in the machinery that is logistics.

Ground Handling Agents

Cargoflash and Ground Handling Agents 

Handling cargo to ensure they get loaded in the right aircraft and get stored in the right slots for transportations takes precision and next-level endurance. Cargoflash with its easy-to-use software solutions makes sure that Ground Handling Agents are well-equipped with the right tools to make sure nothing goes wrong. Cargoflash’s software allows GHAs to manage & track cargo, along with booking the slots for correct deliveries.

nGen DMS

Slot & Door Management System

The Slot & Door Management System lets Ground Handling Agents e-request for trucks that spares from the trouble of running after agencies for slots, manually. This web-based system helps forwarders manage truck operations painlessly and error-free.

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nGen WMS

Warehouse Management System

By using our nGen WMS, the Ground Handling Agents can manage and track inventories and clearances that also makes sure that GHAs can streamline the entire operation on a cloud-based platform.

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