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‘nGen’ is an end-to-end Cargo Management System, which serves the Global Cargo Aviation Industry. These solutions help Airlines, Forwarders, Ground Handling Agents, and General Sales & Service Agents serve an array of industries, with top tier efficiency.

The next-generation Target Planning System helps airlines and enterprises to set annual, monthly, and quarterly targets and monitor a pragmatic approach for managing sales and targets.

nGen RES helps airlines to manage air cargo space reservation, providing an ‘Easy & Readily Available’ solution.

nGen CRA allows airlines to control all the functions regarding pricing, invoicing, faster data validation, AWB completion.

This web-based global solution helps airlines to oversee their global E-Commerce fulfillments & facilitate the same.

nGen RMS enables worldwide airline carriers to anticipate & manage their resources and product price along with services.

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Customize Your
Cargo Solutions With
Next Generation System

Manage the entire cargo cycle hassle-free and at your fingertips

‘nGen’ is an effective tool that offers Airlines, Ground Handlers and General Sales & Service Agents a convenient and cost-effective medium to manage their entire Cargo cycle. This tool is a complete solution for all partners, enablers & handlers involved in facilitating the ‘End to End’ fulfilment process.

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Our Success Stories

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"We've been working with Cargo Flash InfoTech for over eight years, and they've helped us become better, bigger, and faster in Egypt's air logistics domain. Cargo Flash assisted us in keeping up with the rapid changes in this fast-paced logistics and supply chain industry. For a tool like this to succeed, Cargo Flash's support has been outstanding. With quick response times, the extensive changes and customizations we request are completed quickly and with high-level expertise."

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Farian Kirana
CEO, Lion Parcel

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"Cargo Flash InfoTech's technology is not only advanced but also user-friendly. The systems are directly linked to our bank accounts to manage the debit top-up accounts to not only ensure minimal revenue leakage but also make our operations more seamless. We chose Cargo Flash's web-based system almost eight years ago and have been very pleased with our partnership ever since. We were able to expand our business reach and volume thanks to the system. Cargo Flash assisted us in managing large volumes of cargo and expanding our business."

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Paul Toruan
Senior Manager Cargo, Lion Air

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"We, the team of EDIfly, are pleased to partner with Cargo Flash for aviation messaging as a low-impact and low-cost solution to replace legacy messaging for digital Air Cargo and avoid complex API systems. Simultaneously, I congratulate Jasraj Chug for the great job that Cargo Flash is doing."

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Ingo Roessler
Chief Commercial Officer, EDIfly

Ingo Roessler
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"Digitalisation is vital for the change in the Air Cargo ecosystem. Therefore, we now have one system for both domestic and international cargo accountings. Also, we recently launched our Last Mile delivery operations with the technology support of Cargo Flash Infotech."

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Cherry Castillo Lee
AVP-Cargo, Philippine Airlines

Cherry Castillo Lee

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