Next Generation Systems

nGen the next generation Systems by Cargo Flash is the most innovative and feature packed solution for the entire spectrum of cargo aviation business. nGen is widely used by the world’s leading Airlines, Ground handlers - Capital, E-Commerce and Courier operators. Know more . . .










nGen is an end-to-end cargo management system catering the complete cargo industry having solutions for Airlines, GHAs, GSSAs and Door to Door Express courier companies.

nGen RES

nGen RES is a tool that helps Airlines to manage each Logistics task, from the initial booking of a shipment till final delivery

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nGen CRA

nGen CRA implements and allows to control all the functions regarding pricing, invoicing, faster data validation, AWB completion

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nGen WMS

nGen WMS is an advanced and innovative system fully equipped to cater to Cargo terminal Operators and all the stakeholders

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nGen DMS

nGen DMS is an advanced system that enables all the truck operations at the warehouse right from defining a warehouse

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nGen D2D

nGen D2D Cargo Flash Door to Door System - Web based door to door solution starting from web booking to a high degree

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nGen RMS

nGen RMS is an important strategic tool that helps to pursue a quantitative and analytical approach for validating

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The cutting-edge nGen systems by CargoFlash will help you streamline your operational processes, boost efficiency and increase revenue while at the same time cut-down on work duplication and financial leakages.

Technology: Our web based system is future ready, hosted on Fast & Secure Cloud having the highest number of modules than any other system in the world.

Domain Expertise: We understand your needs and domain. We can get this done right without you having to break your head explaining the business domains and going through multiple iterations to get it “right”.

Empowerment: The integrated mobile apps and HHTs lets you be connected while on the move and the comprehensive business intelligence tools keep you abreast with detailed information on hand and giving you the power of real time business control

Commitment: We ensure on-time delivery & product implementation beyond expectations. Our team is there to support your global business 24 x 7.

Cargo Systems for all

WITH "nGenLite"

The most efficient way to manage your entire Cargo Cycle!

nGenLite is an effective tool that will offer Airlines, Ground Handlers and GSSA’s a convenient and cost effective medium to manage their entire Cargo Cycle. nGenLite is conceptualized with the motto of Cargo System for All!.

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