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"We have been working with Cargoflash for seven years now and along the journey, Cargoflash has helped us become better, faster and bigger in logistics by air in Egypt. Cargoflash has helped us keep up with the rapid changes of this fast-paced industry of logistics and supply chain. For a tool like this to be a success, support needs to be on top of their game, and Cargoflash’s support has really been top-notch. With fast response times, the deep level of changes and customizations we ask for, gets done quickly with high level of expertise."

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Farian Kirana
CEO - Lion Parcel

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"The system is very easy to use and the fact that it is directly linked with our banks to manage the debit top up accounts has not only ensured minimum revenue leakages but also made life really easy for both us and our customers. We selected Cargoflash system almost seven years ago and since then we have been very happy with our decision. The system has enabled us to expand our business reach and even increase our business volumes. Cargoflash with has helped us manage huge volumes of cargo and helped us grow, making things really easy for us and our customers."

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Mr. Paul Toruan
Senior Manager Cargo - Lion Air

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Case Study
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Garuda Airlines, a renowned global carrier, was facing multiple issues with fragmented online infrastructure. The life cycle of cargo moved through multiple, ‘non’ real-time systems besides tons of manual paperwork.

Cargoflash thoroughly assessed and understood various pain areas of Garuda Airlines. With their innovative solutions of nGen integrated cargo management system, Cargoflash delivered a seamless platform to address all of Garuda’s woes.

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case study 2
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Back in 2014, Lion Air approached Cargoflash to seek their solutions for pursuing a lucrative business opportunity. Lion Air wanted to gain a strong footing in Door and Door E-Commerce but faced many challenges.

Cargoflash’s nGen ecosystem seamlessly connected all the stakeholders of Lion Air through a single application. That application included numerous solutions for operations such as Cargo Reservations, Warehouse Management and Handling, Cargo Revenue Accounting while establishing a strong E-Commerce system.

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case study 3
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Swissport, an international level aviation services company, was facing multiple issues in its warehousing operations. Those issues led to a lot of operational challenges such as bottlenecking, miscommunication and an unruly workflow.

Cargoflash immediately saw through all the troubles and implemented their state-of-the-art Slot and Door Management System, which allowed Swissport to optimize their operations. The flow of communication and booking was pinpoint, enhancing their productivity & communication with the truckers.

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