Airlines/Freight Carriers are legally authorized specialists who transport cargo shipments from Point A to Point B. Airlines use various means of transportations to move cargo. They can also use a combination of different modes to get the job done. Carriers make sure the goods reach from Forwarders to Distributors with no loss, damage and in a timely manner. These shipping companies (Carriers) ensure efficient transport of cargo to run the supply chain smoothly.


Cargoflash and Airlines

Transportation has a lot of challenges including operational costs, shortage of skilled labour, etc. Cargoflash with its robust software solutions, make sure such hindrances are managed with ease and a bit of foresight. Cargoflash’s smart software lets Carriers manage & track their shipments. It also lets them plan & tracks their revenue to stay ahead of the competitors.

nGen TPS

Cargo Target Planning System

The next-generation Target Planning System helps airlines and enterprises to set yearly, monthly, and quarterly targets and monitor a pragmatic approach for managing sales and targets. With this robust tool, setting targets and planning sales become more streamlined and seamless.

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nGen RES

Cargo Sales and Reservation System

The Cargo Sales and Reservation System helps airlines with booking and managing cargo slots and transportation, even during the eleventh-hour requirements. With this robust tool, shipping cargo becomes organised and seamless.

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nGen CRA

Cargo Revenue Accounting System

The nGen Cargo Revenue Accounting System helps the Air Cargo ecosystem to manage its expenditures alongside booking and managing cargo slots. This instant and intuitive system ensures airlines track their budget effortlessly.

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nGen D2D

E-Commerce System

The nGen E-Commerce System helps airlines with vehicles assignment, consignment tracking, alongside plotting hubs and warehouses for complete accurateness and seamlessness. This system also lets the airlines delve into the territory of B2C deliveries and explore additional streams of revenue.

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nGen RMS

Revenue Management System

The Revenue Management System lets airline companies augment revenues by retroactively prioritizing higher, more profitable streams of revenue by sifting through high-value clients. This intelligent tool lets carriers maximize their air capacity utilization and sustain budgets whilst stay ahead of their competition without any extra expenditure.

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