Cloud-Based Software: A Game Changer for Small and Medium Airlines

In the ever-technology-evolving world, airlines, especially the small- and mid-sized ones, face challenges in the competitive cargo industry. The lack of shift to digitalisation is because the airlines have limited resources and outdated operating systems. Furthermore, small-scale airlines used to be doubtful when considering investments tied to lengthy contracts and longer implementation times. Nevertheless, as digitalisation became more prevalent, tailored and budget-friendly solutions enabled airlines to shift to cloud-based software. 

Now, let's explore how cloud-based software is a game changer for small and medium airlines. 

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

With a tight budget, cloud-based systems eliminate the need for costly investments in hardware, licenses and additional services. However, organisations/ airlines can now subscribe to or purchase pay-per-module services. This cost efficiency allows SMBs (small and medium businesses) to direct their funds towards growth and customer service.

  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Cloud-based software enables airlines to remain agile and responsive to the changing market conditions. The airlines can scale up or down depending on the fluctuations, making them flexible. Moreover, the systems allow customisation to meet the supply chain requirements and increase the efficiency of the operations. 

  • User-friendly Interface

Cloud-based systems are accessible and intuitive, with easy navigation and interactive interfaces. Understanding the requirements of the market, the solutions are designed with easy-to-learn and use techniques. Furthermore, technological progress makes solutions accessible via mobile devices and can be reached anytime and from any location.

  • Seamless Integration and Centralised Solutions

Cloud-based software frequently provides effortless integration with various tools and services, allowing small and medium-scaled airlines to establish an ecosystem tailored to their specific requirements. This integration fosters smooth data flow, enhances operational efficiency, and simplifies decision-making capabilities. After the integration, the cloud shipping software facilitates a universally accessible source for all organisation members.

  • Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based software comes equipped with inherent disaster recovery features, assuring airlines that in the face of unexpected events or data loss, their vital information is securely backed up and can be readily restored.

Octogen- powered by Cargo Flash
The recent brainchild of Cargo Flash Infotech, Octogen is a software with significant growth potential and Plug-n-Progress modules. Octogen offers flexibility to select the necessary modules and incorporate additional ones. Moreover, rather than investing in an entire software suite, costs are only incurred for the acquired services. 
Our Business Head, Poonam Faridi, answered some questions to understand Octogen better. 

The cloud-based software has allowed airlines to shift to digitalisation. This technological upgrade has streamlined their operations and opened up new avenues for growth and innovation. Cloud-based software empowers airlines to compete in an increasingly dynamic and competitive industry by offering cost-effective solutions, enhanced flexibility, and improved scalability.

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