Global Cargo Takes Flight: A Journey Across Continents and Commodities

In the global supply chain, the Air Cargo Industry plays a pivotal role by managing the diverse types of cargo travelling from different countries to meet other regions' demands. As the backbone, General Cargo makes up 81% of the global revenue tonne-kilometres. Moreover, the rise of e-Commerce further fortifies the global Air Cargo Industry's role in international trade, propelling its growth. Now, let's delve into the intricate web of cargo movements, exploring the specific types of cargo transported

As we explore the diverse cargo movements from different corners of the globe, it becomes evident that the Air Cargo Industry is an essential component of the global supply chain. With its booming express networks and expanding freighter fleet, Asia-Pacific is positioned for the fastest growth. Simultaneously, Africa's thriving trade activities and the Middle East's strategic location offer exciting prospects. The challenges and opportunities vary across regions, highlighting the need for adaptability and strategic planning in this ever-evolving industry.