Sustainable technological solutions with nGen

Cargo Flash understands the importance of sustainable technological solutions. Over the years, our goal has been to transform the Air Cargo Industry and shift towards adopting sustainable practices. A report by IATA highlighted that almost 2.5 million lives are saved each year with vaccine shipments, globally. To continue and even grow further, the industry needs a digital transformation and to adopt sustainable solutions. 

Cargo Flash has created the next-generation, cloud-based system named nGen to help organisations achieve their goals. In a world where we need seamless and swift digital solutions, Cargo Flash designs intelligent, intuitive, and end-to-end solutions globally. 

Now, let’s look at how the nGen solutions are sustainable. 

1) Paperless trading

Following the traditional method, each shipment consumed around 124 copies or more of paper leading to the loss of natural resources. With technological solutions, the process becomes faster and safer without affecting the environment or becoming time-consuming. Cargo Flash keeps updating the nGen solutions based on global trends, and cloud-based solutions have eradicated the use of paper. We understand that transportation has a lot of challenges, and with the digital shift, there has been transparency. The carriers, GHA’s, and GSSA’s can easily access, manage and track the shipments with the nGen solutions. 

2) Safety and Security

The second pivotal aspect that makes the nGen solutions sustainable is safety and security. The technological solutions help increase transparency at all stages and provide an opportunity for end-to-end communication. The real-time updates highlight the entire journey of the shipment. Moreover, with nGen solutions, the fear of data leakage is withered away. The solutions are secure and fast, providing the best outcomes. 

3) Easy communication and complete assistance

The most significant advantage of technological solutions is the ease of communication and assured assistance. The digitalisation within the Air Cargo ecosystem has been happening over the years, and Cargo Flash has ensured to stay ahead of the curve and provide technologically-advanced solutions. Cargo Flash also provides 24x7 assistance. 

4) Diverse solutions

With the shift to digitalisation, we have provided diverse solutions suitable for both airlines and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs). Cargo Flash targets to ease cargo reservations by booking and managing slots to manage their expenditure. The company also provides a comprehensive Door-to-Door (E-Commerce) System and Revenue Management System. The solutions are diverse in terms of features, swiftness, and error-free results.

Cargo Flash thrives on providing technologically advanced solutions to help organisations grow and increase revenue. Our vision is to promote the digital transformation of SMEs and create eco-friendly solutions for an eco-friendly businesses.

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