Top Air Cargo Trends of 2023

The year 2022 has been about digital innovation and technological developments in the Air Cargo Industry. As we enter the new year, the engineers & specialists constantly work to address and merge the gaps and enhance digital solutions for smoother operations amidst the supply chain. 


Over the years, the industry has observed that technology has been a game changer. From shifting to automation to the rise of e-Commerce, the Air Cargo Industry, during and post-pandemic has grown manifold. e-Commerce acted as a bright spot in the industry. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), in a webinar conducted on October 5, 2022, emphasised e-Commerce's importance and volume increase.

Now that we have touched the 2023 landmark, let's look at some of the top Air Cargo Trends of 2023. 

1. Rise of touchless technology or 'Social Distancing Technology'- During the COVID phase, the industry realised the importance of social distancing, and technology was designed in a way that human interference became minimal for the on-field job. These solutions ensured a seamless journey with new opportunities for further automation and personalisation. Organisations launched touchless travel programmes to encourage cloud-based handling, digital IDs, Data Banks, and much more. 

2. Cloud-based technologies- Over the years, cloud-based solutions have been progressively taking over traditional systems. One crucial reason for it is data security & privacy. Moreover, the transmission of information has become immediate, real-time and swifter. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has further enhanced cloud-based technology. These amalgamations have reduced the inefficiency and inconsistency caused because of manual intervention. 

3. Predictive Maintenance- Predictive Maintenance has been beneficial for aircraft. But let's first understand 'What is Predictive Maintenance?' Predictive Maintenance is the information gathered using sensor data and maintenance logs to predict maintenance requirements beforehand. Another benefit includes the time saved and managed, in advance. With the assistance of Machine Learning (MI) tools, patterns are created to recognise the needs. Predictive Maintenance will help transform the supply chain by predicting when to replace a part. 

4. Green Solutions- 2022 witnessed the rise of digital solutions for ecological sustainability in all industries including global Air Cargo. The industry has set a goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050 thus, leading to the rise of green solutions like Sustainable Aviation Fuel, a better and smarter substitute for aviation fuel. IATA has also taken steps and shared modules, with the industry, to reduce the negative impact on the environment with the help of technology.

In 2022, the industry realised the importance of digitalisation, e-Commerce and scalable digital solutions including SaaS. In 2023, it is time to take the game a notch higher and focus on environment-friendly solutions and cloud-based technologies to eradicate errors and make the process hassle-free. This includes Big Data, IoT and Data Warehouses, to name a few.

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