Unveiling the Dynamics of Inter-State Air Cargo Trading in India

Over the years, the dynamics of inter-state Air Cargo trading have transformed in India. The country has witnessed a remarkable surge in numbers, especially post-COVID. The skies were bustling with activity as 585.79 thousand tonnes of cargo was transported in India from fiscal year 2021-2022. Propelled by a 30% annual increase in recent years, let's explore the top states, dominant commodities, and trades shaping the landscape.

When it comes to air exports across various states, Delhi emerged as the frontrunner, commanding a significant 28.81%. Close behind were Maharashtra (17.63%), Karnataka (13.08%), and West Bengal (10.86%). Together, these four states collectively contributed to more than 70% of India's total Air Cargo exports throughout 2022. Now, let's explore the states fostering growth in the Air Cargo Industry through trade.

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