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What is Air Cargo Management and System?

Air Cargo Management is a process to facilitate, execute and track routes of incoming and outgoing shipments for cargo and freight management. The entire process starts from the initiation of the order to the final delivery at the doorstep.

Cargo Management System ensures that the process becomes hassle-free, error-free and the shipments managed efficiently. Moreover, these systems are designed for varied requirements like managing warehouse, revenue or other factors. With the advancement in technology, the management software also provides real-time information for tracking without any lag.

There has been a significant paradigm shift in the global air cargo industry. All the manual work, lengthy paperwork is withering away with digitalization taking its space, providing assured results and better revenue. Besides, these Cargo Management Systems are cost-effective and monitors the movement of shipments for real-time updates.

Cargo Software Solutions by Cargo Flash https://www.cargoflash.com/

Cargo Flash provides business and IT solutions that solely focus on the Air Cargo industry. With the use of the latest technology and applications at Cargo Flash, we integrate the clients’ business with organizational strategies. 


One can cater to the various solutions provided like the end-to-end Cargo Reservations System, Cargo Revenue Accounting, Warehouse Management, Cargo GSSA Management, Express Door-to-Door Management, International Freight Forwarding Management system and many more. Designed to provide flexibility, transparency and reliability, these systems use updated technologies to streamline the business processes for revenue growth.

About Next Generation Systems

Cargo Flash presents ‘nGen’, the Next Generation Systems to provide an ingenious and fully featured solution for the cargo aviation industry. It is an end-to-end cargo management system providing solutions for Airlines, GHAs, GSSAs, and Door-to-Door Express courier companies. The system helps to boost efficiency and increase revenue while at the same time, it ensures the prevention of financial leakage and work duplication for enhanced management.


Features of nGen

  • Cargo Flash has a technologically advanced web-based system with the highest number of modules and hosted on a fast and secured cloud. A future-ready software, the nGen serves to the varied requirements of the client
  • Selection of the “right” can be time-consuming. At Cargo Flash, we provide domain expertise keeping in mind the clients’ needs and make the entire selection process smooth whilst saving time
  • With the nGen management systems, one does not need to worry about the status or information of the shipments. Cargo Flash ensures that, with the tools, one stays well informed about the processing for effortless management
  • With digitalization, the eradication of lengthy paperwork saves time and money
  • We ensure that the results and updates are accurate without any fault or complications

To provide integrated solutions for every aspect of the air cargo industry, Cargo Flash has different products for different requirements and operations.


nGen RES – Cargo Sales and Reservation Management System 

- nGen RES manages the Logistics task from the initial booking of the shipment to the final doorstep delivery. The solutions designed for Cargo Handling companies, Cargo Agents, and manufacturers include features like door-to-door support, airport-to-airport support, space management, e-stock and manual stock management, and report management.

nGen CRA- Revenue Accounting


- For a smooth and seamless execution process, nGen CRA ensures control of functions related to pricing, invoicing, faster data validation, and AWB completion. With the management of revenue accounting, this system would help the businesses in revenue boost without the occurrence of any errors

nGen WMS- Handling and Warehouse Management System


- The nGen WMS is a technological advanced web portal-based system that provides services to Cargo terminal operators. The system handles all the aspects of warehouse functions like inventory management, roster management, ULD management, SLA management and many more. The solution is flexible, transparent and focuses on revenue growth with updated technology.


nGen DMS- Slot and Door Management


- With nGen DMS, managing truck operations at the warehouse-like defining a warehouse door with rules, doors specifically allocated for specific agents or even airlines. Moreover, monitor slots for optimization and capture trucks at the arrival that are pre-booked.


nGen D2D- Door-to-Door Express


- ‘nGen D2D’ is a web-based door-to-door solutions provider for web booking for schedules, pricing, track and trace and provide information for customer business or account. Also, manage hubs and branch warehouses with this fully featured and designed software

nGen RMS- Air Cargo Network Revenue Management System and Pricing Optimization


- nGen RMS provides strategic, competitive and financial advantages to the airline. With innovative latest technologies and techniques, nGen RMS ensure substantial profits for the airlines. nGen Air Cargo Network RM System also helps airlines in increasing their revenues 

Benefits of the nGen systems

Error-free and Effective Data Management


- With the system of the next generation, the entire process takes place digitally, eliminating any chance for errors in data, duplication of work or any sort of malpractices. This makes the workflow smooth and makes ensures there is no hampering with the quality or delivery of shipments




- Air Cargo is one of the most renowned and valued modes of transportation. For effective management systems, proper planning and resources are required, which further helps in the reduction and management of shipping charges. The next-generation systems would analyze and plan each aspect of the logistics process, providing only the best of solutions 

Technology ensures Transparency


- With the advent of technology, tracking and processing cargo has become easier and this, in turn, ensures complete transparency. The nGen systems provide real-time information about the shipments without any lag. From the initiation of the order to the final delivery, clients receive all the updates through applications or software

The above-mentioned benefits give the clients an upper hand in the fast-paced and competitive cargo industry with assured business growth and profits. Cargo Flash customizes and designs solutions depending on the requirements of the clients. Moreover, with expertise and in-depth knowledge, next-generation systems by Cargo Flash maximize profits for business and revenue growth

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