Air Cargo Issues and Opportunities in today's scenario

Let’s have a look at the Air Cargo problems and opportunities in today’s scenario.

The Air Cargo industry in India has witnessed growth in a span of just a few years. But with the pandemic and other rising problems, the problems faced by the Air Cargo industry in India cannot be neglected. In today’s scenario, the cargo problems, alongside the opportunities, are in manifolds that are hampering the growth of the Air Cargo market. The first unforeseen challenge noticed by the industry, and the global market was the pandemic due to which, the industry observed a decline in demand. However, along with the consequences of COVID-19, there were other underlying challenges waiting to unfold. 

Another issue for the Indian Air Cargo Industry was the traditional method of tiresome and time-consuming paperwork, uncertain tracking system of shipments, and huge costs incurred during the process. Every aspect of the procedure was done manually leading to errors during documentation. The absence of transparency led the consumers to shift towards a different model. 

In light of these challenges, the airlines and organisations started looking and paved the way for new opportunities. The biggest boon to the Indian Air Cargo Industry was the introduction of technology in its management. Technology changed the dimensions of the Air Cargo industry leading to digitisation in India. Presently, consumers require information about the shipment such as the delivery time, route, and the time consumed in the process. This is where technology plays a pivotal role in creating opportunities for the Cargo Industry.

With the advancement in technology, the process of transportation of goods became transparent, instant, and efficient. The systems are designed specifically to meet the requirements of the organisation and the airlines. The digitisation opened gates for error-free documentation as well as decreased manpower while also saving time. The bulky paperwork was reduced to online, cloud-based documentation, making it easier for the consumers along with the cargo personnel. Also, cloud-based systems secure the information and provide access to only a limited number of people, which ensures proper security of the documents and personal data of the consumers. The shift towards digitisation increased transparency and tracing of shipments became easier, as well. 

Speaking of the technologically advanced solution, Cargoflash offers a variety of solutions to provide cloud-based IT and business solutions to the Air Cargo sector. The nGen system includes Cargo Reservation Management, and Revenue Management and provides Door-to-Door solutions for E-Commerce and Warehouse Management. These systems are designed with a futuristic perspective ensuring proper security, transparency, and efficiency. It reduces laborious stages, and paperwork and requires little to no human interference.

Over the years, the Air Cargo Industry has undergone several changes. Post the pandemic; the recovery phase focused on the air cargo problems. The Industry has been striving to overcome the issues and challenges by enhancing and updating the latest solutions. The capacity shortage was a significant problem for the Air Cargo Industry, especially during the COVID times. The airlines' and companies' efficiency and management came to a test during these times. But, with time, the Industry realised that the key was to pre-prepare for any cargo issue. 

Moreover, the opportunities in the Cargo Industry are growing with supply chain management and developing new trends to make the cargo industry a sustainable management business. There are challenges in every enterprise but what matters is how the industry overcomes those challenges and leads toward consistent growth.

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