The need for a single platform system for Air Cargo’s A-Z Management​

First, let’s understand why a single-platform management system is essential for the Air Cargo Industry. Over the past few years, the industry has been noticeably affected by COVID-19. The shift to digitalisation and the latest technology helped recover the industry, worldwide. There came limitations in cross-border trades however, the focus increased on the shipment of medical supplies during the pandemic.

The air freight processes are optimised with a single platform, which offers end-to-end solutions for freight forwarders and shippers to maintain a track. Moreover, the progress in technology, infrastructure, and increasing demands led to the demand for a single-platform system.

What do air cargo stakeholders look for, and how does the solution help? 

Customers look for cost-effective, high-efficiency solutions for their cargo management. Speaking of the solution, they provide the best available rates to them. This increases efficiency and swiftness and minimises human intervention hence error too.

Why should you get a single-platform system for complete Air Cargo Management?

Manage and control costs with cloud-based solutions. It solves one of the significant concerns of maintaining cost within a margin by ensuring maximum use of resources. The cloud-computing solution provides data security and easy transparent accessibility to the users. The workforce reduces automatically, resulting in fewer manual errors. With the growing demand, airlines and organisations can maintain their stance with such technologically-advanced solutions. 

Another benefit of a single-platform solution is the elimination of multiple licences. The introduction of a single-platform system has eliminated all third-party interventions. Moreover, precise database coordination among transport management processes has become more accessible. Even enterprises can now access data from anywhere and at any time. Streamlining cargo management is another advantage of having a single-platform solution. Optimising the resources and operational functions, for maximum revenue, is a crucial aspect. 

What more can a single platform solution provide? It can forecast the customer’s demands and prioritise the shipments to ensure timely delivery, all via one platform. Planning, execution, and optimization of costing have become tenfold easier owing to such a facility now. Freight forwarding operations and warehouse management work perfectly in sync with a single solution. The solution optimises efficiency for a smooth workflow. 

From big organisations to SMEs and MSMEs, businesses of all scales have realised the importance and benefits of this adoption. In a market full of challenges, such an upgrade gives them a competitive edge. The all-in-solution resolves all the origin-to-destination supply chain issues.

Want to know more about why airlines need an Air Cargo Management System? 

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