Importance and Benefits of Dedicated Air Freight Corridor

Commonly known as Dedicated Air Freight Corridor, an air corridor is a specified air route of travel, indicated by aircraft and political administrations, with the purpose of preventing the friendly aircraft from being fired on by external forces. When put simply, an air route connecting two places that makes it possible for people or supplies, such as military equipment, perishable or agricultural produce, to be transported into or out of an area is termed as a Dedicated Air Freight Corridor.

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Trade-in goods are increasingly globalized and demands are bolstering with time. Efforts are currently made by international, regional, and sub-regional organizations to develop transit corridors via air for freights to be shipped seamlessly, facilitate cross-border transport, and enhance regional connectivity. One challenge and key to further development is the connection of inter-continental corridors with trans-European corridors, as per a recent report. 

How does a Dedicated Air Freight Corridor work?

An air corridor is also a labelled region of airspace, which an aircraft must stay in during its transit through a particular region. Air corridors are typically imposed by diplomatic requirements and further determined by airlines. Air corridors should not be mistaken with airways. The airways are navigational support, which a pilot generally may even deviate from when circumstances permit, whilst compliance with a chosen air corridor is compulsory. This, in return also enhances the socio-political and economic relations, established between the countries that build the corridor.

Speaking of a fresh example, in a further boost to the bilateral connectivity between India and Afghanistan, a second air corridor has been established between the two countries. This is India’s latest achievement of a DFC via air where the first corridor was established between Kabul and Delhi and the next was Mumbai, respectively. The resolution to establish a Dedicated Air Freight Corridor between Afghanistan and India was taken in September 2016 when the Afghani President had visited India.

This formation of the Air Freight Corridor will further provide Afghanistan with greater admission to the Indian markets. Also, this will allow the Afghan traders a great fillip to influence India’s economic growth and trade networks. 

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Considering the current demand for on-time shipping of several utilities and medical necessities, an air freight corridor may just come in handy for a seamless shipment via air.

What are the benefits of having an Air Freight Corridor?

To decongest the present route & network

To ensure the welfare of airlines and their in-flight personnel

To boost trade and socio-political relations on the international borders

To improve the transit times between locations

Thereby, achieve competency in freight movement.

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