Smooth and Affordable Cargo Solution

The most efficient way to manage your entire Cargo Cycle!

nGenLite is an effective tool that will offer Airlines, Ground Handlers and GSSA’s a convenient and cost effective medium to manage their entire Cargo Cycle.

nGenLite is conceptualized with the motto of Cargo System for All! Therefore we aim to provide solutions for Small and Medium enterprises as well, ensuring value for money and user friendly solutions therefore enabling them to transform their work process from Traditional ways to a smooth Digital platform. We strongly believe in the efficiency of paperless mode and wish to provide the best solution for all.

nGenLite’s objective is to understand the unique requirements of each user while being Lite on your pocket.

nGenLite gives you the freedom to pick and choose the system functions suiting your distinct business needs and presents you with a solution that works just right for you!

This system will enable the user to conveniently switch from Traditional to Paperless mode of functioning.We are confident that the system will cater to all your requirements; else you can even ask for refund!!!

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