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edifiy partners with cargoflash infotech for advanced encypted messaging
Delhi NCR, 12 Apr 2021

Edifiy Partners with Cargoflash Infotech for Advanced Encypted Messaging

CargoFlash Infotech, one of the leading Technology and Business solution providers in India, has partnered with the Luxembourg-based EDIfly, providing innovative messaging software for the aviation and logistics sectors. Starting April 2021, CargoFlash has embedded the technology of EDIfly into its cloud-based digital platform to enable free, encrypted messaging for its Air Cargo Management solutions.

With this partnership, CargoFlash can now enable all users of the advanced EDIfly technology to benefit from the free, web-based exchanges with stakeholders in ground handling and warehouse management, airline, trucking, forwarding, logistics, cargo community systems and even governments.

The implementation is completely seamless for CargoFlash’s clients as EDIfly relies on the same IATA addresses, already in use by the legacy aviation messaging providers, including SITA and ARINC. With this recent association, EDIfly shall add value to the exchanges of CargoFlash’s communication, as there is an instant proof-of-delivery through a digital signature, allowing complete process control for its business partners. 

Conceptualised by a team of Air Cargo domain’s veterans and experts, having over 500 years of combined experience, the next-generation ‘nGen’ by CargoFlash is an end-to-end Air Cargo Management System delivering solutions to the global Aviation Cargo Industry. Through the ‘nGen’, the company caters solutions to Airline Carriers, GHAs, GSSAs and Forwarders. ‘nGen’ provides instant, integrated and seamless solutions to the Air Cargo industry for reservation, revenue management and accounting, D2D and warehouse management.

“Some clients on the comprehensive nGen management platform by CargoFlash work without a connection to legacy Type B providers while relying on the global IATA messaging standards and end-to-end encryption instead of using unsecured email for mission-critical communication. With the quick implementation and seamless integration, we aim to rapidly propagate the disruptive concept that EDIfly can bring to the global aviation industry,” says Ingo Roessler, Chief Commercial Officer, EDIfly. “Our software handles current and future messaging standards (Type B, Type X, EDIFACT) and connects with the partners without legacy circuits or fixed links. With EDIfly, the affiliates will experience a lower cost-base and improved data security compared to that of the legacy providers,” he adds.

“As the aviation cargo moves towards cloud-based computing for mission-critical applications across all areas, CargoFlash is thrilled to have EDIfly come on board for an advanced messaging system. Many of our airline clients, including Garuda Indonesia and Raya Airways, already enjoy the free and encrypted messaging technology provided by EDIfly. With this association, we aim to reach out to all our existing as well as potential stakeholders, and effectively provide seamless solutions to the global Air Cargo market,” adds Gautam Mandal, Director-Products, CargoFlash.


CargoFlash offers Technology & Business solutions to the global Air Cargo ecosystem and is successfully digitalising Air Cargo Management since 2009. The brand’s end-to-end solutions, designed strategically with the prime aim of being accessible, transparent, and reliable while also streamlining the business processes. Having integrated platform for several solutions, CargoFlash provides intelligent, intuitive, and end-to-end solutions for this industry with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
To know more, click on www.cargoflash.com


EDIfly provides innovative software for seamless integrated messaging in aviation and logistics since 2010. The company provides banking-like data security, superior rule-based message routing + monitoring based on IATA standards. It provides a highly scalable message broker to handle Type B/Type X, XML, EDIFACT, Type A communication, from small & medium enterprise to complex environments involving high availability and multiple locations for a wide range of back-end systems. EDIfly uses standard RSA/AES encryption and gets a real-time non-repudiation proof-of-delivery from the receiving address.
To know more, click on  http://www.edifly.com/#

For further details, contact:

Bhavana Khera Ingo Roessler Sr. Brand Manager, CargoFlash Chief Commercial Officer, EDIfly Innovative Software SARL bkhera@cargoflash.com         ingo.roessler@edifly.com








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