Next Generation Cargo Systems
nGen RMS

Our solution seamlessly integrates clients business and organizational strategies with IT implementations, thus helping them to improve their financial performance and operational efficiency.

We cater to complete cargo lifecycle, from reservations to operations until Revenue Accounting, solution also has features like truck door management, revenue management and Business intelligence.

nGen RMS - Air Cargo Network Revenue Management System & Pricing Optimization

In rapidly changing supply and demand environment, the challenge for airlines is to manage the resources and product price along with services.

Worldwide airlines are under tremendous pressure to maximize revenues from perishable capacity, products and/or services. At the same time these airlines also have huge investments tied to their capacity/demand, and any incremental revenues from existing demand can go directly to the bottom line.

The following challenges are merely the highlights among several challenges:

  • How to forecast the demand for different products and services?
  • How to allocate and reserve the capacity/demand for high revenue/profit clients & products?
  • How to maximize the capacity utilization as well as the revenue realization at same time?
  • How to re-optimize the capacity/demand allocations based on forecasted demand in real-time to maximize revenues at network level?
  • How to optimize overbooking to minimize disruptions?
  • How to differentiate product segmentation and parameters to maximize revenues?
  • How to keep track of excess capacity and offer discounts at the right time to right customer in order to stimulate demand without diluting revenues?
  • When to change the capacity/demand to match long-term, mid-term and short-term supply & demand?

nGen Air Cargo Network RM System is an answer to all these questions including ones highlighted above. nGen Air Cargo Network RM System which is based on world leading and state of art operations research and management science methodology.

nGen Air Cargo Network RM System brings discipline for an airline, giving it a strategic advantage over the competition by enabling an airline to sell the “right product to the right customer, at the right price, at the right time”. nGen Air Cargo Network RM System’s strategies balance the trade-offs among revenues, capacity utilization and disruptions. nGen Air Cargo Network RM System provides strategic, competitive and financial advantages to the airline.

From a CEO's perspective, revenue management is critical because it empowers airline to successfully address the challenges of capacity and demand and other issues. nGen Air Cargo Network RM System afford airlines tremendous strategic advantages by helping them increase revenues. Since the airline deregulation, the airlines have immediately and subsequently seen more than a billion dollars in incremental annual revenues as a direct result of implementing such system.

nGen Air Cargo Network RM System takes the same RM principle to next generation with innovative new techniques and methodologies, which yields substantial profits for airlines