Next Generation Cargo Systems
nGen DMS

Our solution seamlessly integrates clients business and organizational strategies with IT implementations, thus helping them to improve their financial performance and operational efficiency.

We cater to complete cargo lifecycle, from reservations to operations until Revenue Accounting, solution also has features like truck door management, revenue management and Business intelligence.

nGen DMS- Slot and Door Management

nGen DMS is an advanced system that enables all the truck operations at the warehouse right from defining a warehouse door with rules, doors can also be specifically allocated for specific agents or even airlines, Special Handling Cargo, Export, Import, and RFS.

  • Define warehouse doors with rules
  • Allocate doors to specific agent/airline, SHC, Export, Import, RFS
  • Define throughput rule for ascertaining loading/unloading time
  • Online truck slot request portal
  • Apply algorithms to ascertain the availability and priority for a truck and assign the right door
  • Capture truck arrival at gate for pre-booked trucks
  • Slot monitoring - Optimization engine
  • Dock management