Forwarders A.K.A Freight Forwarders organize cargo shipments for their clients. They get the cargo from the manufacturer to the ultimate point of distribution. Forwarders hand out contracts to Airlines to help them fulfil the transport of goods. Forwarders do not move the cargo themselves, but they are experts in managing the entire logistics network. International freight forwarders, apart from handling international cargo shipments, possess additional expertise in taking care of all customs-related documentation. They also carry out operations relevant to international shipments.


Cargoflash Helps Forwarders Go Forward

With the rising challenges in logistics such as unstable economic conditions, loss of cargo because of negligence and sustainability, Cargoflash has devised its software solutions to make sure these roadblocks don’t last. Cargoflash’s robust tool lets Forwarders manage the ‘A-Z’ of logistics, track their revenue, and plan to stay on the top of their game.

nGen RES

Cargo Sales and Reservation System

The mammoth task of arranging transportation becomes a walk in the park for Forwarders with Cargo Sales and Reservation Management System. With the means to book and track the cargo at their fingertips, this easy-to-use tool makes sure they don’t miss a single detail.

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nGen CRA

Cargo Revenue Accounting System

Tracking transportation related costs and revenues, with necessary audits, becomes painless with the Cargo Revenue Accounting System. With the means to manage and track approvals with cost on the move, this user-friendly tool makes sure the losses remain negligible

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nGen RMS

Revenue Management System

The Revenue Management System lets forwarders forecast demand for various products and services, which they handle to allocate the right resources at the right places to increase their efficiency and maximize their revenue. This tool lets the forwarding operations team stay at the top of its game.

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